PR Graphics and Design – MASC 334

FinalLogo_ChristabelD_Linear Logo FinalLogo_ChristabelD_Regular Logo FinalLogo_ChristabelD_Square Logo


My main focus for the Action Alliance logos was to represent action and denote the importance of the cause at hand. For this reason, I chose strong colors in black and red. The organization’s current Red Flag campaign would fit very well under this color focus. Additionally, black and red are gender-neutral colors. I created the outstretched hand of the figure in Illustrator using simple shapes and it denotes an individual “reaching out” in support or just to speak up, which is important to the goals of the organization. Also, it creates a checkmark shape as if to say Action Alliance is a positive, productive organization. As community was another key word of mine, I aimed to show that the organization was about outreach. I further wanted to demonstrate this initially by having two figures conjoining hands but strayed from this because the linked figures slightly resembled breasts which, even if subtle, create a feminine focus. Even without the organization’s title, the bright, red checkmark figure can easily be recognized and placed in a multitude of products, documents, and sites.

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