Mock Business Campaign Brochure

Graphic Design, PR Graphics and Design II - MASC 335

masc 335 brochuremasc 335 brochure2IMG_0489

The focus of this assignment was to create a brochure focusing on good design elements using an organization/company of our choice and an image taken for a prior assignment. Because of the free reign of the assignment, we were allowed to create ignoring (just this once!) copyright issues.  I decided to choose Vogue simply because I thought it would allow me to use for decorative ideas and in order to incorporate my own image (the leafy staircase in the right-center panel), I choose the organization undertaking a Green initiative. I used Photoshop to pull the images into PNG form and InDesign to build the layout and place the text around it.

Action Alliance Visual/Graphic Adcept

Graphic Design, PR Graphics and Design - MASC 334

AA adcept

I immediately knew I wanted to relay something about building and change for my photography adcept. I decided to go with the bricks because they lent well to my overall point about individuals donations making a difference. I used Photoshop to crop my image and change the opacity to allow the writing to stand out. The initial plan was to have the main text to the left and the bricks as a stand-alone image but the cement in between them created an opportunity to combine the two. As in the type adcept, I pulled the social media addresses over from InDesign as a vector. I kept the fonts, along with the color scheme, similar between the two adcepts because I wanted them to coordinate with each other without being exactly alike. For the cursive, I used LaurenScript and Lemon/Milk for the surrounding text. The information at the barrier is Century Gothic. In reverse of the type adcept, I made the information bar white rather than black to highlight the brick and balance the imagery on the viewer. I included it as a separate space to give audiences information on how they can help in addition to why they should

Action Alliance Typography Adcept

Graphic Design, PR Graphics and Design - MASC 334

AA typeography

I initially wanted to create an image of some kind through my type. I was going to first create a megaphone with words of action filling the shape. When I thought of depictions of sexual and domestic violence in the media, I decided to make a TV instead to show that what is ignored because it’s not “real life” does still happen. The “TV screen” is filled with repeated phrases with key words highlighted in red. The purpose of the type ad is to generate donations while delivering my message, which the red type does. I continued the black, white, red, and gray color scheme I began with my logo. I wanted to separate the main adcept from the information and make it stand out on its own. For the various texts, I used Lemon Milk for the TV border, Lucida Bright for the inside text, Century Gothic for the antennas and link, and Market Deco for the social media addresses. To create my ad, I used Adobe Illustrator for the overall work and InDesign to move the social media addresses as a vector from my newsletter into the adcept.

Action Alliance Newsletter

Graphic Design, PR Graphics and Design - MASC 334

Newsletter AA2Newsletter AA22Newsletter AA23 Newsletter AA24  

For the Newsletter, I primarily wanted to bring some lightness to the Action Alliance organization in comparison to the slight staunchness of the logo. For this, I used a lot more color and random bits of sillier fonts to balance the clean lines of the titles on each page. I wanted the theme of circles that could be found on the logo (the red figure’s head) to continue throughout the newsletter and I implemented some as background images and others as the shapes for pictures. The newsletter contains information on the many campaigns Action Alliance has as well as other achievements. I decided to add factoids like the 10 Ways to Increase Community Awareness and the spotlight on the director of the organization. Were there to be future newsletters, this spotlight would continue on various members in the organization. I chose the title to demonstrate that the purpose of the newsletter is to put a spotlight on the deeds of the organization and the members in it. On Action Alliances’ social media pages, these are noted visually and I aimed to mimic this.

Action Alliance Logo

Graphic Design, PR Graphics and Design - MASC 334

FinalLogo_ChristabelD_Linear LogoFinalLogo_ChristabelD_Regular LogoFinalLogo_ChristabelD_Square Logo

My main focus for the Action Alliance logos was to represent action and denote the importance of the cause at hand. For this reason, I chose strong colors in black and red. The organization’s current Red Flag campaign would fit very well under this color focus. Additionally, black and red are gender-neutral colors. I created the outstretched hand of the figure in Illustrator using simple shapes and it denotes an individual “reaching out” in support or just to speak up, which is important to the goals of the organization. Also, it creates a checkmark shape as if to say Action Alliance is a positive, productive organization. As community was another key word of mine, I aimed to show that the organization was about outreach. I further wanted to demonstrate this initially by having two figures conjoining hands but strayed from this because the linked figures slightly resembled breasts which, even if subtle, create a feminine focus. Even without the organization’s title, the bright, red checkmark figure can easily be recognized and placed in a multitude of products, documents, and sites.