Action Alliance Visual/Graphic Adcept

Graphic Design, PR Graphics and Design - MASC 334

AA adcept

I immediately knew I wanted to relay something about building and change for my photography adcept. I decided to go with the bricks because they lent well to my overall point about individuals donations making a difference. I used Photoshop to crop my image and change the opacity to allow the writing to stand out. The initial plan was to have the main text to the left and the bricks as a stand-alone image but the cement in between them created an opportunity to combine the two. As in the type adcept, I pulled the social media addresses over from InDesign as a vector. I kept the fonts, along with the color scheme, similar between the two adcepts because I wanted them to coordinate with each other without being exactly alike. For the cursive, I used LaurenScript and Lemon/Milk for the surrounding text. The information at the barrier is Century Gothic. In reverse of the type adcept, I made the information bar white rather than black to highlight the brick and balance the imagery on the viewer. I included it as a separate space to give audiences information on how they can help in addition to why they should

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