Action Alliance Typography Adcept

Graphic Design, PR Graphics and Design - MASC 334

AA typeography

I initially wanted to create an image of some kind through my type. I was going to first create a megaphone with words of action filling the shape. When I thought of depictions of sexual and domestic violence in the media, I decided to make a TV instead to show that what is ignored because it’s not “real life” does still happen. The “TV screen” is filled with repeated phrases with key words highlighted in red. The purpose of the type ad is to generate donations while delivering my message, which the red type does. I continued the black, white, red, and gray color scheme I began with my logo. I wanted to separate the main adcept from the information and make it stand out on its own. For the various texts, I used Lemon Milk for the TV border, Lucida Bright for the inside text, Century Gothic for the antennas and link, and Market Deco for the social media addresses. To create my ad, I used Adobe Illustrator for the overall work and InDesign to move the social media addresses as a vector from my newsletter into the adcept.

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