New Year, New…

Notes To Self

Definitely not me, I can tell you that much. Not because 2015 won’t be a year of change, but because that phrase is so stupid. Tell me it isn’t. You shouldn’t have to wait for a brand new revolution around the Sun in order to decide to make a difference in your life. This is why I don’t make resolutions any more. It’s hard to lie to yourself about goals and aspirations that you truly want to accomplish.Just because I’ve said I’m going to do something doesn’t mean I believe I’ll do it. It’s why, nowadays, I try to make plans but not promises. I want to go to the gym more and I probably will, but sometimes I won’t. I’ll live like a free bird.

A new semester has begun for me and it will be a busy one between work, classes, and the extra leadership roles I’ve taken in organizations. Not to mention the Great Internship Hunt.  College. I don’t even want to discuss it so I won’t.

I’m always happy for a new year because every January seems like a renewal. It feels like a restart button has been pushed when that giant ball drops…usually. This year, however, the dirty muck of society’s problems have been tracked across the clean floor. It’s not as if we, as an entire human people, were clean. Wars have never ended because the time changed. Murders have occurred even as the clock strikes 12. The homeless were not enjoying warm fires and cool drinks with friends. The awareness I’ve developed over the past few years has forced me to see how much needs to be changed. A new year is nice on a personal level, but you’re wrong if you live solely to serve yourself. The world is much larger than “me” and I hope, 365 days from now, that there is some refreshment to feel.

One thought on “New Year, New…

  1. I think you are totally right bout the new year. Its honestly a time for companies to push weight loss products and random promotions. No one should ever wait on a new date to push them towards their goal. watching all this social injustice is very gross. Its like Americas issues are being ignored. Its all around very sad


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