Gone Girl: Or 1001 Reasons Why People Really Are the Worst

Screen Shot

I finished watching David Fincher’s Gone Girl approximately 7 minutes ago.

Not to be all internet, but…”The Feels.”

The Feels were in full effect and had me tearing up. I was and still am Margo Dunne sitting on the kitchen floor crying out her eyes because her brother can’twon’tshan’t leave the devil incarnate he is married to. If there ever was a situation for the phrase “ball and chain” to apply…

See, Tumblr had spoiled some of this film for me. [You really can’t unsee surprise GIF sets.]

So I knew she Amy was a “fucking bitch,” but the extent to which she was a “fucking bitch” shocking. The manipulation involved in framing her husband for her death was so far thought out and extensive and frankly ridiculous. What ultimately was the end goal? She was mad her husband wasn’t who she’d made him into? A death sentence was the best response? Yikes. Lady needs help. This film was definitely not date night fun to say the least. Unless, of course, an inane argument on a plethora of things was on your ride home to-do list.

Nick can choke on a jawbreaker for disrespecting his marriage like he did though. I can’t forgive him that. For me, when it comes to cheating there are no excuses. But really, not really. Sure he was a cheating bastard, but the level of complete life annihilation she planned, which ultimately would result in her own suicide, was so insane, calculating, and sociopathic it’s not funny. Poor little rich girl with many underlying issues. Perhaps Arkham? Is there a spot open on the Suicide Squad? She’d fit right in. [Cut. Print. Beautiful.]

And why did she want to die just to complete his ruination. What kind of life did Amy honestly want? Or just to ruin his. I guess she accomplished that anyway.

Desi was pitiable, frankly. A rich kid who never let the flames of unhealthy love die. Welp. He could’ve been great. I’m sure, maybe. I don’t know honestly.

In the end, the person I feel for and relate to the most is Margo. I don’t have a twin so I couldn’t possibly understand that bond, but I do have siblings and to stick by their sides through something so undeniable wild even after they decides he can’t leave? I’d spend many nights crying on the kitchen floor too. I wanted Amy to be punished. I wanted those trailer folk who robbed her to pop out of the woodwork demanding money. I would have cheered. It would have been stunning. BUT, that would be lamely predictable and this movie handed me no perfectly wrapped presents.

It was great. Rosamund Pike was a beautiful, ethereal devil who I hated so very much. All the applause to you her because I happen to love her in actuality. And Ben was pretty good too…[he was wonderful].

The cinematography was so stylish. Clean cuts, thrilling events that weren’t presented with overly jarring visuals. It felt real. Crazy insane wildddd, but real. I love real.

I had a great time from start to finish but that doesn’t excuse the idiotic idea that all of these trained agents and professionals are going to simply abandon the course they were taking to go after Nick. Uh what? I feel like there had to have been at least one additional agent who disagreed with this storyline if for no other reason than to be that guy. Some people love being that guy. But maybe that’s the point. That people are so easily manipulated by their emotions. If you tell the masses how to feel, how else could they respond but with what’s been given them. If you drop just enough bread crumbs and draw just enough dots, people tend to follow the path of your creation.

Maybe we should all stop adhering to what we see only in the media for the truth. Or, stop looking only at the clues we think we’re getting from our loved ones. Or stop lying in our relationships. And maybe quit trying to change and create people.

Gone Girl was hurtful in a way that only people, like myself, who get entirely far too invested in fictional lives can understand. Gillian Flynn, I am tempted to read your novel now.

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