Humanity Helping Sudan Project: Media Strategy

Journalism Writing - MASC 203, Writing

HHSP: Social Media Plan

The #FEED50K campaign already aims to use social media to promote campaign with the hashtag. However, the hashtag is currently not widely known. I would expand on the recognition first with tangible products containing the hashtag, such as stickers and flyers to share around the many local campuses. Because Humanity Helping Sudan is headquartered in Richmond, this would not be very difficult. Through this, students (who are generally the most social media savvy) and the general public can recognize the hashtag before going online to search for it. Additionally, I would employ online viral sharing tactics such as the one used to raise awareness for ASL. There would be a challenge attached to the #FEED50K hashtag that users could do, share using the hashtag on multiple platforms, and challenge their friends and family to complete or donate to the organization. Finally, HHSP has garnered some public recognition through Manyang Kher’s awards and his introductions to celebrities such as Beyoncé would be useful. I’d reach out to her (because of her recognition of the organization) or any other public figure and request that they share hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. in any capacity. A small “shout out” from a household name would go very far, especially in a humanitarian campaign such as this.

HHSP: Fact Sheet

  • HHSP was founded locally in 2008 by Manyang Reath Kher, who previously spent 13 years in refugee camps as one of the 20,000 “Lost Boys of Sudan”
  • Three main objectives of HHSP are to combat the severe regional food shortage, provide agricultural and vocational training for refugees, and increase clean drinking water ways in the region
  • Organization has raised thousands of dollars for refugee communities in Sudan and Ethiopia.
  • #FEED50K aims to raise at least $50,000 or one dollar per fishing net
  • Kher was a finalist for the 2012 VH1 Do Something Awards, where he received a $10,000 community grant for HHSP

Humanity Helping Sudan Project hosting #FEED50K social event

2571 Hungary Spring Rd.

Henrico, United States 23294

Nov. 12

Christabel Duah
Media Communications

RICHMOND, Va. –  The Humanity Helping Sudan Project’s (HHSP) #FEED50K campaign was launched to help these victims of the post-war crisis in South Sudan.

#FEED50K aims to raise at least $50,000 to supplement community growth within Sudanese refugee camps. The funds will be used for purchasing fishing nets and medical supplies, building chicken farms, organizing teaching programs and building drinking wells.

On Oct. 30, the organization is hosting a social event to celebrate all of its #FEED50K supporters and the current successes of the campaign. The event will be held at the American Red Cross at 420 E. Cary St. and is sponsored, in part, by Tropical Smoothie.

The event also aims to get donations for the non-profit and raise awareness about the campaign’s goals. All proceeds raised at the event and for the non-profit go towards helping more than 50,000 Sudanese refugees that are at-risk for hunger and malnutrition. Many of them are children and are struggling without support.

HHSP founder Manyang Reath Kher believes educating the public is vital for the organization’s success.

“The public can take a stand and be a movement in the state of health. If we educate the people about what’s going on, they will jump,” Kher said.

HHSP is planning for future fundraising and cooperative events with Virginia Commonwealth University organizations.

“When I came to America, I had people to support me and help to start HHSP and it is important to expand this support so we can exchange goods with partners,” Kher said.

HHSP was founded in 2008 by Kher, a Sudanese refugee and University of Richmond alumnus, to give back to his people and “help refugees help themselves.” The organization provides equipment and supplies that the impoverished can use to sustain themselves and their communities. In six years, the organization has gained support from sponsors including the American Red Cross, VH1, and Whole Foods. HHSP is a certified non-government organization (NGO).


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